The 33 Best Fashion Instagrams of the Year

The 33 Best Fashion Instagrams of the Year

When whittling down the best fashion Instagrams of 2016, is there no better choice than the image of a giggling and rather precocious North West in Balenciaga? Practically enveloped by her mother’s over-the-knee boots, she demonstrated just how the social-media platform was used this year, merging the worlds of fashion and celebrity quite playfully in a single frame.

Whether it was Bella Hadid showing off her itty-bitty denim bikini on the bow of her yacht; M.I.A. resplendent in a sari; or Tyler, The Creator taking a quick selfie dressed in his own Golf designs, celebrities never missed the opportunity for a stylish photo.

Here, a look back at the fashion Instagrams that we couldn’t get enough of in 2016.

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🌹🏛 @thediminished 🏛🌹 Hair by @erez_ivan Photo by @bornofidan

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Goodbye Sayulita 👋

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