Meet the People, Trends, and Items That Will Rule Fashion in 2017

Meet the People, Trends, and Items That Will Rule Fashion in 2017

The disruption that shook the fashion world in 2016, from designer departures to the hubbub around see-now-buy-now fashion, is likely to continue into 2017, with brands questioning how to make fashion stick in an ever-increasing digital age. Even amid the confusion and chaos, though, there are constants we can count on, like the people who will dictate the trends of the year to the trends that are likely to dominate fashion on and off the runway. Familiarize yourself with the whos and whats that are sure to rule 2017, below.

Raf Simons is the new Calvin Klein.

The fashion world’s favorite rumor proved true in August when it was confirmed that Raf Simons would be the new head honcho at Calvin Klein. The Belgian’s arrival stateside cements a new chapter in American fashion, with brands like Marc Jacobs, Coach 1941, Proenza Schouler, and presumably Calvin under Simons adopting the spectacle, craftsmanship, and drama associated with European fashion. What’s more is that Simons’s own aesthetics line up well with those of Calvin Klein—always on the hunt for the throbbing heartbeat of youth culture, be it in music, art, or beauty. In short, Simons’s appointment at Calvin Klein is one of fashion’s best matches—and something worth looking forward to in 2017.

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